Eatment strategy, you may either have another echocardiogram before you are discharged from the hospital, or you will have one as an outpatient. viagra viagra viagra im vergleich viagra online New technologies allow artificial valves to be inserted into the heart via special catheters, without opening the patient's chest. viagra chino 100 natural sin contraindicaciones tesco viagra price Heart specialists are gaining more experience with this approach. buy cheap viagra Currently, heart surgery through an incision is usually the better choice for people at low or average surgical risk. Follow-up after your heart valve replacement, you will need to take anticoagulant medication indefinitely if you have a mechanical valve, or for about three months if you have a biological valve. where to buy generic viagra Your doctor, or your doctor's assistant, will work with you to determine an anticoagulant dose that is high enough to prevent thromboembolism but low enough to prevent bleeding problems. Viagra instructions dosage Also, for the rest of your life you will need to take antibiotics prior to having certain high-risk dental or medical procedures. viagra quick med These antibiotics will help to prevent infection of your prosthetic valve, if the high-risk procedure allows bacteria to stray into your bloodstream. After discharge, your doctor will ask you to return for a follow-up visit within 3 to 4 weeks. long term side effects taking viagra If you are feeling well at that visit, and the results of your repeat echocardiography are good, your doctor will schedule future visits at 3-month or 12-month intervals. viagra no prescription usa Risks mechanical heart valves that have been approved by the fda rarely fail. cheap generic viagra However, even when patients take enough anticoagulants, a small number develop blood clots on the valves. viagra no prescription usa Each year, 1. buy viagra online 3% to 2. buy cheap viagra 7% of patients who have a mechanical heart valve experience an episode of severe bleeding related to anticoagulants. Viagra 20 mg buy online uk Biological valves tend to fail over time -- requiring replacement in 30% of patients within 10 years and 50% within 15 years. viagra discount However, the risk of blood clots is very low. viagra no prescription usa When to call a professional after your discharge, call your doctor immediately if: you develop chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness or an irregular heartbeat you have a fever your incision becomes red, swollen and pa. Viagra chemical mechanism cheap viagra how much is viagra at walmart over the counter organic viagra viagra dose women viagra usa rezeptfrei viagra generic walmart using viagra recreational purposes online prescriptions for viagra